Rivian and Lucid Vehicle Repairs

Rivian and Lucid, two luxury electric vehicle manufacturers, have begun to roll out their newest luxury vehicles to the public. Rivian’s IPO has just been valued at $66.5 billion, skyrocketing the junior manufacturer past industry leaders such as Ford, showing major promise for the company’s market success.

While these events have sparked a great deal of buzz about how these luxury vehicles will shift the industry, for new Lucid and Rivian owners, there are more pressing questions like, where can they get their vehicle repaired should things go awry? Let’s discuss:


Rivian Mobile Service. Rivian Technicians come to you.
Photo by Rivian

The Rivian corporate service program plans to comprise 41 service centers across the United States where customers can bring their vehicles to be repaired. For those who find themselves stranded or are located hundreds of miles between centers, Rivian has devised a strategy to include scheduled mobile service at homes or businesses. This program will send maintenance crews to where they need to go and handle the repairs that mobile services cannot handle.

Rivian will also certify independent body shops to work on their vehicles – Chris Amato’s Body Werks hopes to be selected as one of these authorized Rivian repair shops.  


Care that comes to you.
Photo by Lucid Motors.

Similar to Rivian’s model, Lucid is foregoing traditional repair practices for more convenient options. Lucid’s mobile fleet, combined with remote servicing, will bring Lucid employees directly to you when you are in need of assistance; according to Lucid’s website, “Annual maintenance, routine servicing, and most repairs will be taken care of right in your driveway.” Regardless, with any brand new service system, there are likely to be hiccups associated with implementation and availability. Finding a trusted Lucid-approved independent body shop, such as Chris Amato’s Body Werks, will be critical for immediate service and repairs. Chris Amato’s Body Werks is currently taking all necessary steps towards becoming a Lucid-approved body shop.


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