Frequently Asked Questions About Body Repair On Luxury and Electric Vehicles

We’ve compiled this list of FAQs based on questions we are asked often. If you would like to learn more about auto body repair or schedule an appointment, call us at (760) 433-5050 or email us.

Auto Body Repair

How should I choose an auto body shop?

Finding a trustworthy auto body shop is not only difficult, but it is an essential factor in luxury and/or electric vehicle ownership. Following these five tips will guide you in the direction towards finding the shop that is right for you:

  1. Make sure the technicians are qualified: Ask your technician if they are up to date with their I-CAR certification training and whether they work on electric vehicles regularly.
  2. Trust word of mouth: Your family and friends can be great resources for choosing the right shop. They may have experience going to a certain shop or have tried out a few, and they will only have your best interest in mind. 
  3. Get several estimates: Take the time to go around to different shops to compare costs — cross-reference pricing with shop reviews and you will find quality service for a fair price.
  4. Ask the important questions: Asking about service warranty will help you to avoid shoddy craftsmanship — if the shop has a fair warranty, they will also benefit from doing solid work. 
  5. Trust your instincts: If a shop feels sketchy, looks messy and disorganized or seems unprofessional, that is probably because it is. While trusting your gut can’t give you all of the information, it can be an important resource to avoid getting scammed.

Collision repair

After you have gotten to safety, filed a police report, and documented every detail on the scene of the collision, there are a few steps you can take to optimize your collision repair process. Reaching out to your insurance company is a good first step, as they can offer you body shop recommendations. It is important to note that you do not need to follow their recommendations if you already have a shop in mind, but make sure to still take the steps listed above. Your potential insurance claims will depend on a variety of factors — whether you are in a fault or no-fault state, how many cars were involved in the accident, if natural factors led to your car’s damage, etc. It is recommended that you let your auto repair shop handle all communication with your insurance company and only ask them to notify you if any new damage is discovered. Most of the steps of the collision repair process will be hands-off for the car’s owner.

Collision repair cost examples

Collision auto repair costs range greatly depending on the severity of the damage, labor costs, vehicle make, and model, and affected location. Commonly, repair costs range from $75 for minor repairs to $2,500 for major repairs. In general, bumper and paint damage is the most labor-intensive and expensive repairs, while windshield and door damage is usually a bit less expensive. Regardless, having a comprehensive auto insurance plan can reduce costs at all steps of the repair process. 

Luxury Cars

What should I consider when buying a luxury car?

When looking for your next luxury car, it is important to assess your values and evaluate what you want out of your vehicle. Are you looking to accommodate several passengers, are you a high-performance driver or hoping for a quieter ride, are you simply seeking out superior craftsmanship? In the meantime, check out a few showrooms to get a sense of cost and your preferred aesthetic.

Electric Cars

What should I consider when buying an electric vehicle?

As with any type of car, there are a variety of electric cars for different budgets and different uses. When buying an electric car, you need to make sure it has enough range to get you through your daily or weekly commute without needing a recharge. You should also consider where you will be charging your vehicle, and whether or not you will be installing a charging station in your home. Beyond that, all the same, considerations apply — cargo space, look and feel, and cost.

For more details, please see our article on what to look for when buying an electric car.

How do I find electric car charging Stations?

Finding an electric car charging station is as easy as finding a gas station. Simply enter ‘electric car charging station near me’ into your maps app and select one either nearby or en route. 

What are the main electric car companies in the US?

The most popular electric vehicle manufacturers are Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid. Tesla is the most popular, but lucid is rumored to become a fierce competitor when it hits the market. Rivian offers electric trucks and SUVs for those looking for an electric vehicle designed to withstand heavy terrain and outdoor activities. 

What are the best electric cars to buy?

If you are looking for reliability and name recognition, Tesla is a safe bet. For a more affordable electric vehicle option, the Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest at around $30,000. If you are often traveling long distances or are a high-performance driver, the Tesla Model S has the longest driving range at 405 miles with a top speed of 155 mph — this model is also the most expensive, clocking in at around $70,000. For something middle of the road, the Model Y can comfortably seat 7 passengers and costs around $40,000. 

If you consider yourself to be an adventurer, the Rivian R1S or R1T will get you to where you need to go. These vehicles can climb through 3 feet of water and traverse through any terrain with 14 inches of ground clearance. Both vehicles are priced around $70,000 with the R1T being just slightly cheaper. 

Also priced around $70,000, the Lucid Air has been marketed as the longest range, fastest charging luxury electric vehicle in the world — it is sure to give Tesla a run for their money. 

Tesla Electric Cars

What is the status of Tesla Right To Repair Laws and Regulations?

The right-to-repair bill ensures that independent auto repair shops have access to the same diagnostic tools as a car’s manufacturer — that means good things for your wallet. A notoriously secretive company, Tesla can no longer withhold pertinent auto repair information, meaning you can safely buy a Tesla knowing that your repair bills won’t be in the tens of thousands.

Where do you repair a Tesla?

Not every auto repair shop can work on electric vehicles, and even fewer are certified to work on luxury electric vehicles. Not only are the repairs more complex, but unqualified repair work can be dangerous for both the technician and the driver. That is why it is important to find a fully certified Tesla repair shop, like Chris Amato’s Body Werks.

Are Tesla’s Expensive to Repair?

Same with any luxury vehicle, the cost to repair a Tesla is contingent upon several factors, such as location and severity of damage and vehicle year and model. Tesla repair costs can be as low as $80 for minor repairs and as high as $4,500 and up for larger repairs, but your qualified Tesla service center can provide you with an estimate.

Rivian Electric Cars

How do I repair my Rivian electric Truck?

The Rivian corporate service program will comprise 41 service centers across the United States where customers can bring their vehicles to be repaired. For those who find themselves stranded or are located hundreds of miles between centers, Rivian has devised a strategy to include scheduled mobile service at homes or businesses. This program will send maintenance crews to where they need to go and handle the repairs that mobile services cannot handle.

Rivian will also certify independent body shops to work on their vehicles – Chris Amato’s Body Werks hopes to be selected as one of these authorized Rivian repair shops.  

Lucid Electric Cars

How do I repair my Lucid electric car?

Similar to Rivian’s model, Lucid is foregoing traditional repair practices for more convenient options. Lucid’s mobile fleet, combined with remote servicing, will bring Lucid employees directly to you when you are in need of assistance. 

Lucid will also certify independent body shops to work on their vehicles – Chris Amato’s Body Werks hopes to be selected as one of these authorized Lucid repair shops.  

Other Questions?

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